Privacy Policy

The OVEB does not collect individually identifiable information for any purpose beyond the proper functioning of its Web site and to perform services requested by the Club Members.

The personal information posted on the public pages is explicitly provided for the purpose of posting on this Web site. This includes Name, Phone Number and Email Address provided with advertisements on the OVEB Classifieds page.

This Web site uses javascript for specific features including the drop-down menus (at the top of the screen) and in displaying images (on the Classifieds page and Photo pages). While javascript can be used for malicious intents, and has been found to do so on many Internet sites, its use on this site is strictly limited to the presentation of menus and information on the individual Web pages. Beyond the direct use of your browser software, this site in no way interacts with your computer.

This site currently does not use cookies, except on the Member Information pages to "remember" if the user has logged in. Once a member has logged in, they can find these cookies in your browser under the site name

The information you submit through any online form on this site is protected using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This means that your information is encrypted as it travels between your computer and our database. This is the same technology used by banks to protect online banking services and online merchants to protect credit card information. Once your data reaches our database, it is protected by hardware firewalls, secure servers, database encryption, and other security measures.